Machine Learning Predicts Quality at Quarterback for Cleveland Browns 2016

For a team that has had a revolving door at the quarterback position for many years, we find it fascinating that the Browns have 3 of 4 quarterbacks that our NFL franchise quarterback machine learning system rates as “yes” draft. They usually have no drafts at the helm which causes the revolving door. Read more about our machine learning NFL franchise quaterback system.

Robert Griffin III is a yes draft, Josh McCown is a “no” and Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan are both “yes” drafts. Obviously RGIII has shown he is injury prone, but we think our system takes that into account and we think he will have a break out year. And although Kessler didn’t look great in preseason, we think he will develop. And the addition of Kevin Hogan we think was a good choice for the Browns.

We think the additon of Paul De Podesta is the driving force behind these moves to acquire quarterbacks with a higher probability to perform at a high level.

We will watch the Browns QBs closely.

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