Machine Learning Predicts These 2016 NFL Teams Will Struggle at Quarterback

Using our Machine Learning NFL Franchise Quarterback prediction system for the 2016-2017 season, we project that these teams will struggle at the quarterback position. Our system predicts the career of a college quarterback in the NFL based soley on college statistics. Our system labels a quarterback “yes” draft and “no” draft. The “no draft” designation indicates that a quarterback will NOT likely be a franchise quarterback and that they will put up less than stellar numbers. It also is an indicator if a team will make it to the playoffs. Only 2 of the 12 quarterbacks that went to the playoffs last year (2015-2016) were “no” draft quarterbacks.

San Francisco 49ers – Not only has Kaepernick drawn unwanted attention to the 49ers, the 49ers have a true quarterback dilemma. They have Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick both of these quarterbacks are no draft according to our machine learning NFL franchise QB system. (kaepernick|colin, [‘no’], 90.90% – gabbert|blaine, [‘no’], 69.37%)

Buffalo Bills – The Bills look like they will start Tyrod Taylor (taylor|tyrod, [‘no’], 90.56%). He is a no draft according to our machine learning system. The good news in Buffalo is they have Cardale Jones (jones|cardale, [‘yes’], 97%) who is a yes draft and will some day be the starter.

Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater (bridgewater|teddy, [‘yes’], 92.25%) to a knee injury in practice. The replacment, for now is Shaun Hill a 36 year old veteran. Shaun Hill is a NO and the Vikings will suffer through this season we fear. (hill|shaun, [‘no’], 92.25%). A new development, Vikings picked up Sam Bradford – also a no draft. (bradford|sam, [‘no’], 51.92%) As we said, we fear the Vikings will suffer through.

Houston Texans – The Texans paid a lot of money for Brock Osweiler who was benched last year by the Broncos. He is a no draft and the Texans will have problems generating offense. (osweiler|brock, [‘no’], 80.78%)

Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill is a No draft and the Dolphins will suffer another ho-hum season with him as quarterback. Good news for the dolphins, Brandon Doughty is a yes draft and he looked great in pre-season – for a rookie. Doughty was our best value in the draft last year as he was highly rated by our system and taken as the last quarterback overall.

Tennessee Titans – Not only is Mariotta young and inexperienced, Our machine learning NFL franchise quarterback prediction system thinks he is a no draft. (mariotta|marcus, [‘no’], 71.51%).

NY Jets – AHHHH the Jets, the season would not be complete without mentioning the Jets as they will continue to experience quarterback issues. Fitzpatrick is a no draft. (fitzpatrick|ryan, [‘no’], 73.80%).

Detroit Lions – Although Stafford puts up some impressive numbers, he can’t seem to get the lions into the playoffs consistently. Our system thinks he is a “no” and we predict the woes for the Lions will continue. (stafford|matthew, [‘no’], 94.08%)

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